The new donate box

by on 14/10/09 at 10:27 am

The new donate box

If you are a regular visitor here, you may have noticed the new donate box to the right of the page. Normally I don’t ask for money, but with my current financial situation, I can’t really afford to spend my limited funds on things like a new laptop. Also, as I’ve had a lot of problems with the language apple insists on using for the iPhone (Objective-C), I have asked for donations towards a license for Monotouch, the .Net compatibility package for iPhones so I can code in standard languages such as C#.

One of the main reasons I am asking for this is because I wish to make an app that will work with the Sony Ericsson MBW Bluetooth Watch series. I have had an MBW-200 for a while now, and while it is a great watch when paired with a Sony Ericsson phone, a Windows Mobile phone, or any other phone that has full Bluetooth Serial Port Profile functionality. It doesn’t yet work with the iPhone. There are, however, quite a few people working on a Bluetooth SPP compatibility stack for the iPhone and I wish to use this project to create the Bluetooth Watch system. Wouldn’t you love the ability to be notified on your watch of an incoming call or other push notification from your iPhone?

  • supaazn

    I <3 u PoedGirl :)


    I wanna support you but I can’t see your donate box.

    How can I donate for you.

    Please answer me via e-mail :


  • poedgirl

    I have added a donate button back on the right side of the page, but not the full ChipIn service. This is because I’m no longer using my iPhone as my main phone and have no use for a bluetooth stack that can interface with my watch anymore.