Idiots on Youtube

by on 22/07/09 at 2:04 pm

Idiots on Youtube

Recently, someone released an obvious fake for a jailbreak on the new iPhone 3GS called the “ttys” exploit. This user was called iH8sn0w, the reason it was obviously fake was the fact that he used an SSH connection to his iPhone to actually apply the jailbreak. Anyone who knows anything about the iPhone knows that it needs to be jailbroken in order for SSH to work at all, well, except the user iPhoneTutorialz, who can’t seem to differentiate between SFTP and SSH. I proceeded to point out the fact that it would already be jailbroken, but obviously this user knew better and started calling everyone else retarded.

The simple fact that you have SSH running confirms that it is already jailbroken.

its called ssh-over-usb

dee di dee… stupid

you can run file browsing/terminal over usb on any fucking device.

just cause you read some tutorial on the retard forums that says you must be jailbroken to ssh. doesnt mean its true.

you probly dont even know what ssh stands for.. and the correct term isnt SSHing … ssh means secure shell… its a secure way of browsing devices.. you can aceess the file system via usb w/out a jailbreak.. openssh just provides an sftp gateway

Would you mind explaining the process of installing OpenSSH on a non-jailbroken iDevice? One where you can’t edit the folders outside the BSD jail the system is in, where applications can’t modify anything outside their own BSD jail, oh, and you can’t actually execute applications that are not signed by Apple.

Yah, you download DiskAid or any other USB device file browser, open it up, and OMG! Theres var, Library, and OMG.. it looks like WinSCP

Umm… I hate to tell you, but that’s not SSH. It may look like WinSCP, but it is not using the SSH protocol. You may very well be able to see all those folders, but you are unable to write to any of them outside the BSD jail – hence why it is called “jailbreaking”.

He then proceeded to take the abuse to private messages, as seen below:

Subject: You must be retarded.
You can write outside the jail if you sign on with username root.

Ya, you might not be able to do it with DiskAid, but I use another file browser and it works fine.
You open up a terminal (you-WHATS THAT?) and sign on as root. The root user gives you full rights to write to and delete.


Re: You must be retarded.
See, you’re saying you can write to any directory without the device being jailbroken. Tell me then what the point in jailbreaking is. The root user is completely locked down on a standard iDevice. You can not log on as it, you can not run anything as it. Everything is ran as the user “mobile”. Trust me, I know a lot about the BSD and Darwin systems – which the iDevices are based on. I also know the exact restrictions Apple places on the system.

Im no retard [sic]
Im not retarded when it comes to iPhone/iPod Touch BSD.

The reason I put (Will Work On Non-Jailbroken Devices) is that the mobile user can write to some directorys. For instance, you can write to the music folder.

As I may not be able to write to /var or /system, theres still a good amount of options.

So next time you wanna go running your fuckin smack, why dont you think twice.

Re: Im no retard
Do you even know what you’re arguing about? I was talking about the fact that he has an SSH terminal on his un-jailbroken phone. NOTHING to do with writing files to ~/Media, etc. I was saying that you can not run any applications that are not signed by Apple.

You seem adamant to argue the fact that the user iH8sn0w does in fact have the SSH terminal on an un-jailbroken phone. I was not arguing anything else, you seem to have just searched around to try make enemies anywhere you can.

I think you really are retarded for not even knowing what you’re defending.

Yet another user who is too stupid to know the difference between SFTP and SSH. It’s as simple as this, SFTP is a SMALL part of SSH. SSH itself is mainly a remote terminal emulator, it also features network control, file transfer and a few other useful things. DiskAid is NOT an SSH or SFTP client, it is simply a file manager, one that can NOT access files outside the BSD jail it is in when it is not jailbroken.

  • El Zippo

    LOL. What an ass****.
    I don’t know what’s iPhoneTutorialz got in calling everyone retard…

  • RedSword

    There is nothing that pisses me off more than someone who acts like they know what they’re doing, when in fat they have no idea.

    You wrote an app cracking script from scratch, and this idiot thinks that he knows more about SSH on jailbroken devices than you do. Actually, it’s kinda sad.

    I had a 30 minute argument with my neighbor about why Firefox was better than Internet Explorer. In they end they considered that I was hopeless, and said that they felt sorry that I was convinced that I had to use Firefox’s “poor security.”