Planes in GTA IV

by on 15/12/08 at 8:51 pm

Recently I started doing some modding work on GTA IV. Plenty of people were complaining that there were no planes in the game, so I decided to do some research into it. It seems that Rockstar left the code from San Andreas for flying planes in the game, it’s just disabled as there are no vehicles that use it. Read more for the details.

A lot of people on Youtube are asking how I did this. It was quite simple actually, if you understand the files in GTA IV that is.

The first thing to do of course is enable modding. To do this, you need to bypass the check the game does on launch. The details to do this are located here.

Once you have enabled modding, it’s as simple as modifying two files. The first file to modify is “vehicles.ide”. This file lists all the basic properties of each vehicle in the game. I chose the FIB Buffalo to modify as it can be easily spawned using the phone cheats.

The columns you want to change are the third and forth. The third column tells the game what type of vehicle this is and the forth column tells it what handling set to use. For the vehicle type, I simply guessed that it would be “plane” and I was right. The handling set most ideal to use is the “FIGHTER” set.

The second file to modify is the “handling.dat” file. Here all the properties about how the vehicles handle are stored. The reason we need to modify this file is because the plane properties for the “FIGHTER” set are commented out.

The part of the file we are looking for is the part where the actual flying data is, this is denoted by each line starting with a dollar sign ($). As you will see from this, the “FIGHTER” type has a hash symbol (#) in front of it. Simply remove this hash symbol and save the file to get your flying Buffalo.

Note: I can not be held responsible if you break or otherwise damage your game, get banned from Games For Windows Live or if you create videos that may offend some people using this mod.

  • john wayne

    thanks for the guide, but whats the handling like? I can only accelerate, brake and turn in the air.

  • poedgirl

    Unfortunately that’s all you can do for now. I’m investigating any other things at the moment.

  • Guest

    wheres vechiles.ide?