DailyMotion spammers

by on 29/11/08 at 12:58 am

Why are there so many idiots on DailyMotion.com? I personally just signed up to view some videos that required age verification. Shortly after signing up, I started getting friend requests from random women. Every one of these women were pretty attractive and every single one had a URL to a porn site – normally the same site.

I don’t really have a problem with the spammers themselves, I have a problem with the idiots that think they’re real people. They thank them for adding them and even try to sweet talk them. It’s really pretty pathetic when you think about it. I even post sometimes saying they are spammers and telling people to just look at the URL, but it seems people are too stupid to even read that before they post their idiotic comments.

  • http://sexy1 Q

    All those women were me. :D

    and I am real

    there is a url? *puts the bourbon down*

    lastly .. hai poedgirl. Welcome to my gate address

  • Brett

    Dailymotion is dodgy, they’re probably bots. I use guerillamail for anything that might spam me.

    If you want to rant more, sign up to stumbleupon – that site pisses me off more than anything. >:@

    Also, what’s that text in your header?